How to Make a Mood Board for Your Upcoming Boudoir Photoshoot

How to Make a Mood Board for Your Upcoming Boudoir Photoshoot


Are you hoping to gather some ideas for your upcoming boudoir photoshoot? A great way to make sure your shoot turns out just as you’d dreamed it would is to create a mood board where you can compile ideas and inspiration.

With Velvet Light Boudoir, we make sure to do all the hard work for you. Your photographer will do all the planning for you so that your experience is stress-free. However, if you’re getting excited about your shoot and have a certain vision in mind that you want to bring to fruition, making a mood board can help.

To learn how to make a mood board to create a visual guide full of boudoir photo ideas, keep reading. Make sure you know what you want from your shoot while also having some visuals to show your photographer to make sure you’re on the same page.

Making Photoshoot Mood Boards: The Basics

While there are tons of different mood board creators out there, in this article, we’ll focus on creating a mood board via Pinterest. This is a great option because the platform has endless visuals as well images from an array of creatives that you can draw inspiration from. If you don’t already have a Pinterest account, click the link to learn how to set one up as well as how to use the platform.

There are tons of inspiration posts on the site for nearly every creative niche – even boudoir photography. A simple “boudoir” search will lead you to tons of different images that you can add to your mood board. However, to curate each detail of your photoshoot mood board, there are some key things you should look out for.

What to Include in Your Boudoir Mood Board

All in all, your boudoir photoshoot mood board should work as a visual that conveys the vibe of your desired photoshoot while also expressing your own personal style. These elements should work together to display what kind of story you want to tell with your shoot. It’s a great way to compile your thoughts in a way that is fast, easy, and useful.

For a boudoir shoot, there are some key aspects you’ll want to include in your mood board.

Hair & Makeup Inspo

While you may want to head right to the clothing and poses, hair and makeup is such an important part of the overall vibe of your shoot that you don’t want to ignore in your mood board. This can be a great tool to show your professional hair and makeup artist before the shoot. When it comes to your makeup, figure out if you want to go for a soft and subtle look, or something more dark and moody.

It’s helpful to find images of those who have similar tones and features that you do to find colors and textures that will be the most complimenting. This can also help when looking for hairstyle inspiration. You want to find a hairstyle that will work for your hair type while also accentuating your best features.

Style References

If you’re going shopping for your upcoming shoot, adding styles to your board that matches the overall aesthetic of your dream shoot can help. Think about what colors you’re going for when deciding on your clothing and lingerie.

For example, are you going for a soft and sweet vibe? If so, peachy tones and pastels may be your best bet. If you’re in the mood for a bolder vibe, black and deep reds can deliver.

Posing and Setting References

While all aspects of your mood board will be helpful for your photographer, this element may be most helpful for you in particular. If you’re new to photoshoots, getting an idea of poses you like and how to mimic them can help you feel a bit more relieved for your session. Getting in front of your mirror and practicing poses may seem silly, but all models do it!

Having pose references and inspirations in your mood board can help you convey the overall tone of your shoot. You might also consider adding some lighting and background inspiration to your mood board to create a more complete picture.

Share and Refer Back to Your Mood Board Before Your Boudoir Photoshoot

If you’ve decided to create your own unique and dreamy mood board for your upcoming shoot, share it with your boudoir photographer! This will provide a great point of reference for you and your photographer both before and during the photo shoot. While definitely not necessary, this helpful visual creation can be a great guide full of your ideas and inspirations so that you can have the curated boudoir shoot of your dreams.

Are you ready to book your next boudoir photoshoot? If so, contact Velvet Light Boudoir today to get started.

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