Why Boudoir Photos Are For Everyone

Why Boudoir Photos Are For Everyone

By: Velvet Light Boudoir – Fine Art Boudoir Photography in Savannah, GA

Maybe you’ve been thinking about getting boudoir photographs of yourself for a while or maybe it’s a brand new idea that’s caught your interest.  

Either way, boudoir photos are for absolutely everyone. 


Read on to learn why. 

Feel Confident

Confidence has a kind of mystical quality about it, to me at least. When you’re feeling confident you feel unstoppable. Like you can do anything. Help with your kids’ homework? Coach the little league team? Solve world peace? No problem! 

Confidence in your own skin looks good on everybody. There’s absolutely nothing sexier than a confident woman or man owning their body and their space. 


That said, life has a way of getting in the way of us feeling confident, doesn’t it? It does for me sometimes, I’ll admit. Maybe your job has been difficult lately, you’re experiencing some relationship issues, or maybe you just haven’t had the time to do something special for yourself. Whatever the case, the outside world often swoops in and causes some stress which can lead to a loss of confidence. 

Boudoir images often have a way of showing your own self that you have a lot to be proud of. A lot to be confident about. It’s difficult to explain, but so many of my clients just can’t believe the photographs I take are actually them. But they are, and I’m confident (see what I did there) you’ll absolutely love what you see. 

Highlight Your Best Features 

It’s my job as the photographer to show you in the very best light possible. I’ve been at this craft for a long time and to this day nothing makes me happier than seeing a client’s reaction when they see their photos.

Many of my clients have had powerful reactions to images of themselves – perhaps seeing things they haven’t seen in months or years, or possibly ever. 


My artistic approach is to simply highlight the features that you like most about your body. Using lighting, poses, and movement I try to capture the things that make you uniquely beautiful. I don’t like to make your outfit, nails, hair, or a prop the center of attention. We also won’t concentrate on the things that you dislike about your body. Chances are, they won’t even show up in your photos.

Express Yourself 

Have you ever struggled with expressing your sexuality? Your sensuality? Or even your feelings for a loved one or for yourself? 

Intimate photos will help you express those feelings you’re having where words sometimes fall short. For me, words often just don’t say enough. The saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words after all.  


Are you ready to write a new chapter in your story?

Boudoir Images Are For You 

There are a million different reasons boudoir photography is for everyone, but three reasons is a great start to the list. 


You’ll feel more confident, you’ll see your best features highlighted, and you’ll be able to express yourself in ways words simply can’t. 


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