What is Boudoir Photography?







Boudoir Photography is an often misunderstood style of photography that is talked about in hushed tones and with inconspicuous glances. I believe much of the uncertainty and discomfort of the art form comes from just a lack of exposure to its beauty. 


The truth is boudoir photography has a rich history. In fact, it’s been around for over 100 years and is made up of many different styles and types of photographic approaches.  



There’s no doubt about it, boudoir imagery is many things. It’s sexy. It’s sensual. And it’s unique (among many other qualities). No other kind of photography captures the intimacy of the human form quite like boudoir images, which is exactly why they’re so special. 


Many people simply haven’t heard of boudoir photography and some that have find the idea so foreign it’s hard to conceptualize. I’ve been a boudoir photographer in Savannah for over 10 years. Exploring the craft of this imagery and sharing it with my clients is one of my greatest joys. 


Read on to learn more about boudoir photography. 

Boudoir Photography As An Artform 

The term boudoir originated in France and historically has been used to depict a woman’s private room. 

Boudoir photography is a form of portraiture that often contains intimate depictions of the subject in a studio setting. The rich history of boudoir photography dates back to the 1920s when photographers first began experimenting with the art form. Many photographers became revered for their unique style and for pushing the artistic envelope. 


If you think about it, the subject matter material for boudoir photography is no different than the countless works of masterful paintings that were created all over the world by artists for hundreds of years. 


As a professional who takes his craft seriously, I’ve enjoyed studying the works of my predecessors and find inspiration in many different areas of artistic expression. 

What’s New in Boudoir?

In recent years boudoir photographs have become unique gifts women get of themselves for themselves or their partner on occasions like engagements and marriages, or simply as a way to celebrate a special occasion.  

Boudoir photography has helped open the door for people to find fresh, unique ways to express their sensuality and celebrate their bodies. 

Now You Know More About Boudoir Photography

Now you know a little more about boudoir photography. It’s not so scary after all, is it? 


My goal for every photo shoot is the same: Create the most beautiful images possible of you and for you. 


Are you ready to talk about the boudoir photographs you want in your home? 


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